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About me

My name is Norbert Teston - this is my story and my why: 

I am a highly experienced mechanical engineer and Quality and Compliance Director in the sporting goods industry, with a 25-year track record. Having worked on numerous legal cases as an expert witness, and with a strong background in Lean / 6 sigma, project management, and product safety, I possess a deep understanding of the sportswear industry, particularly footwear and apparel. I am though looking to expand my world and apply my skills to other industries and product types. 

My expertise lies in helping companies develop tailored strategies, systems, and processes to ensure unwavering product quality and compliance. As organizations grow and evolve, so do their needs in processes and systems that will secure a continued quality of services and products.

My ultimate goal is to leverage new technologies, such as IT systems and AI, to elevate the management of quality and compliance to new heights.

More about me:

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