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Quality & Compliance

Articles and blog posts about Product Quality and Compliance Management (click the green link for access to the full content)


The Essential Synergy Between Business Growth and Product Quality & Compliance Management

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, achieving sustainable growth is the ultimate goal for any organization. Whether it's expanding into new markets, introducing innovative products, or increasing the size range of offerings, businesses are constantly in pursuit of growth opportunities. However, there is a fundamental truth that must be acknowledged: business growth cannot be dissociated from building a proper system of management of product quality and compliance. In fact, these two aspects are the bedrock upon which successful and sustainable growth is built.

Managing the quality and compliance of your INNOVATIONS: a walk in the park?

For some reasons, some memories just want to stick in your mind… Here’s one that stuck in mine: It was a brisk winter morning back in my office in Germany, a tall very friendly gentleman (now my real good friend Griff), knocked on my office door and introduced himself. He proceeded to explain that he was part of the Innovation (capital “I”) team and working on a new tech feature on one of the company’s products. He proceeded to ask something to the effect of: “I doubt there is any standard existing for this, but how do we ensure that the quality of this new feature will be secured and consistent over production”… This was the start of a long journey working on quality and compliance of tech innovation...

Quality Management is like reading a self-improvement book… Don’t believe me? Read this:

I reached my fifties this year (long pause for dramatic effects)… along with surviving this pretty frowned upon milestone, I found myself at a career crossroads as well, in desperate need for a shift in my work and life, mostly trying to reignite the flame and energy that I brought to work back in my twenties and thirties. This required me to go through much introspection and naturally pull all of my dusty and not so dusty self improvement books...

Culture & Diversity

Articles and blog posts about DEI and Employee Resources Groups. 

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Hey CEOs! Your ERGs aren’t your cultural event planner...

As we're entering this pride season, I find myself reflecting on my past history and experience as a creator and lead for my former employer's Employee Resource Group, and the lessons I learned along the way. One of them being that your ERGs are so much more than a cultural event planner. Stop your eye-roll and "duh" expression on your face. Well, seems essential, we probably agree on that, however interestingly, that's a concept better advertised then lived... I'll give you a minute here to stop and think...

What my experience of being gay taught me about the importance of inclusion in the organization

Contrary to what people might expect, "coming out" as a gay man is far from being a 1-time experience... I would rather describe it as a continuous and repetitive unveiling of part of your identity to a group or environment that you come to believe has gained your trust and is deemed nonthreatening enough for you to open up about who you are. The whole experience and process of coming out though, feels like being on the Groundhog day movie... a constant repetition of a painful process that fortunately gets more effective and easier every time you go through it.

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